Earn Solar-Powered
Crypto Assets In a Few Clicks

We are building strategic access to financing as well as structuring strategic investments in Solar-Powered Solutions by putting the Sun on the Blockchain.

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Our Valuechain


Leverage the Crowd to increase access to financing for strategic off-grid solutions focused on reducing the cost of power and reducing dependence on Fossil fuels


Design and Develop sustainable and renewable off-grid solutions in Africa


Invest in the Decarbonization of Africa

How does it  work?

  • GreenSol identifies schools, businesses, and organizations that want to go solar. Our solar engineers work with local solar installation vendors to carefully evaluate proposed solar projects and ensure they meet our core criteria
  • Once solar projects have been accepted as viable and responsible, we run a crowd sale for the solar cells that will power the project. Any individual or organization, anywhere in the world, can sign up to be a GreenSol Partner and buy solar cells, starting from as little as a single solar cel
  • Schools, businesses, and organizations pay you to use the clean electricity your solar cells produce. Your lease starts when your solar cells start generating electricity.

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